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4 Tips to Minimize Wear and Tear of Industrial Generators

Generac generator

Industrial generators are heavy duty generators. These generators are designed to last for a long time. The generators can take large loads and run continuously for longer periods as compared to traditional residential generators.

Most industrial generators range from 15kW to 3500kW. These generators require extra care to ensure that they run optimally for a long time. Here are some tips to keep your Generac generators working efficiently with minimum wear and tear.

1. Proactive Maintenance

Proactive maintenance is important to ensure that the industrial generator lasts for a long time. It will help in reducing serious damages by early detection of faults.

Generator repairs technicians use special equipment to check the generator. They will check the following components during routine maintenance of the equipment.

  • Oil level check
  • Identification of fluid leak
  • Check filter
  • Inspect water pump and alternator belt
  • Check the coolant level at the pressure cap and overflow bottle

If generator repairs technicians detect any fault, they will perform repairs there and then. This will ensure that the minor fault does not lead to a serious issue. Proactive maintenance in this manner will reduce repair cost and lead to extended lifespan.

2. Regular Engine Oil Inspection

Engine oil keeps the engine area lubricated. Checking the oil before and after every use is important. It is important to not just check the engine oil level but also the condition of the oil.

Most industrial generators including Generac generators require engine oil change after 20 hours of first operation. The oil must be subsequently changed after every 100 hours. Regular engine oil change will ensure that the generator runs optimally without any wear and tear.

Industrial generator technicians will check the engine oil after it drains back into the crankcase. They will make sure that the oil viscosity and API oil classification is correct. Keeping oil at the correct levels will prevent wear and tear of costly generator parts.

3. Replace Filter and Spark Plugs

Generator filter and spark plugs must also be replaced at regular intervals. The manufacturer’s recommendations should be followed for changing the filter and spark plugs.

Spark plugs get dirty over time. Carbon particles accumulate on the plugs that prevent the engine from getting sufficient power to start. So, it is necessary that the spark plugs should be inspected and cleaned after regular intervals.

Generator repair technicians use wire brush to clean the carbon deposit on the spark plug. They will replace the plug in case the spark plugs are worn down over time. Generally, industrial generator spark plugs require replacement after every 100 hours. Consulting the manufacturer’s manual is important to know about when to replace spark plugs and filter.

4. Inspect the Cooling System

Large industrial generators generally have a cooling system. The cooling system makes sure that the generator does not overheat during operations.

Water levels of the cooling system must be at the proper level. Low water level will make the generator overheat resulting in costly damage.

Coolant level must be checked at specific intervals. It is important to check the coolant before starting the generator. Make sure that there are no obstructions on the radiator cap. Remove dirt or other foreign material using a soft cloth or brush.

Heavy industrial generators used in colder climates require antifreeze additives. You must add the additives as specified in the manual. Moreover, if the radiator is dirty, you need to clean it using low-pressured air or water stream.

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