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Current Electrical

What sets us apart

Our Team

Passion is the word to describe our highly trained and certified teams. The office team, sales team, installation team and maintenance team all have one goal – to make sure you are Always Powered Up. To obtain this goal our teams are in constant communication on your behalf to ensure your experience is superb.

Our Process

1. Initial Consultation

Our team is committed to tailor the right generator for your home or business. Current Electrical will walk you through the process so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

The size of your home or business is just a piece of the puzzle when determining what size generator you need. We also interview you to determine what is essential to you and your needs when the power goes out. The best way to do this is through our free consultation and estimate in your establishment.

2. Dedicated Project Managers

Once all the initial paperwork is done, you are paired with a dedicated and highly supportive team that will ensure your installation runs smoothly. Your project manager gains an in-depth understanding of your needs, spatial and technical challenges, business and electrical goals and more. They will handle all the coordination between permitting, electrical companies, gas companies, inspectors and others to ensure your installation is a success. They’re also your main point of contact and readily available to answer questions and apply any feedback provided.

3. Day of Installation

We don’t waste much time after you place your order, we don’t want you in the dark! Since your project manager has done all the upfront legwork and coordination your turnkey installation will be fast, typically lasting less than one day.

Since the day of installation will be scheduled in advance our team of certified generator technicians will take care of everything on site at a scheduled time that works for you. After installation, your generator will be ready to go. We will walk you through everything you need to know about your generator and answer any questions you may have. Then we hand over the keys to your new generator.

You are all set, and prepared for when the lights go out!

Lifelong Partnerships

Our preventative maintenance options are the best in the generator industry. Our plans include checking items no one else does to make sure you have trouble-free operation. We even offer remote monitoring to ensure your generator is always good to go. Our trained technicians are ready to help if there is any problems with equipment that you purchase from us.

We service what we sell every six months that you are with us and that keeps your warranty up to date so that if something goes wrong, we are there to keep your lights on. Every six months, our team will come out to ensure the generator is in great condition and you are having no problems. This can be scheduled with our office ahead of time.

If you find that your generator needs service, we ask that you call us directly to speak with our service team to communicate the issue and we will get a team out to check on your unit.

By creating lifelong partnerships, Current Electrical offers sophisticated solutions to keep you Always Powered Up. Grounded in trust, our partnerships strengthen over time as customers see first-hand our commitment to accountability, rapid support and solutions that meet the highest quality standards.

Exceptional Service and Sales Performance

Our Dealer Status

Generac awards its dealers based on various standards of performance. Current Electrical is honored to have obtained the status of “Premier Dealer” which means we are a best-in-class Generac dealer. To receive this honor, dealers must meet the following:


1. Inventory
– large and varied inventory of Generac generators and parts. Premier dealers must be equipped to handle the needs of their clients, particularly given the urgent nature of generator power.
2. Technicians

 – minimum of eight factory-trained technicians on-staff handling clients’ needs to install, repair, and maintain Generac products. Current Electrical not only meets, but greatly exceeds this expectation.

3. Customer Satisfaction

 – dealers must maintain at least a 92% customer satisfaction rate. Current Electrical takes customer satisfaction seriously as confirmed in our customer reviews.

Our Product

Generac, as the number-one name in home generator backup systems, values quality above all
else in its products, from the residential to commercial. Established for 50 years, Generac has
consistently been providing dealers and customers with top-tier products. Generac has a long-
standing reputation in both service and quality, and they provide dealer and product
evaluations that you can trust.

From our Founder & President

I started CURRENT ELECTRICAL in 1987. I am a third-generation electrician with direct field hands-on experience that started in 1957 with my dad, B.L. Tidmore. He started out by showing me the technique of pulling wire.

Upon graduating from Arab High School, I expanded my full-time career in the electrical trade. I gained more education and electrical training through Saginaw State, Central Mass, Calhoun Community College, and the American Management Association. Various titles of Electrician, Inspector, Construction Engineer, Estimator, Project Manager & Business Owner have provided the backdrop for my 50+ years of experience. My experiences have provided me with a wealth of knowledge and numerous opportunities within the electrical industry.

Current Electrical has expanded significantly since 1987. We pride ourselves on obtaining highly trained support staff with the philosophy to provide superior services to our valued clients. Additionally, we have expanded from electrical work to Generac generator sales and services by launching Current Electrical – Your also includes DR Power products and Mean Green Electrical Mowers which allows us to meet all our customers’ needs.