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5 Tips to Keep Your Huntsville Generator Operating Efficiently

Huntsville Prime Power Generators

Generators use diesel or gasoline as fuel. The cost of running the generator is determined by how efficiently the generator consumes the fuel. Many users complain about their generator consuming too much fuel, which can start negatively affecting you bank balance.

So, how can you ensure that your generator does not consume too much fuel? What can you do to improve the fuel efficiency of the generator? You will find the answers to these questions in this blog post.

1. Regular Generator Maintenance

Regular maintenance of the generator will help reduce the cost of operating the generator. It will ensure that the generator does not consume too much fuel. Moreover, it will also reduce the chances of premature breakdown due to wear and tear.

An experienced technician will adjust the valve clearance and inspect the injection pressure. Moreover, the technician will make sure that the supply line is not clogged. The checkup will ensure that your generator operates efficiently without any problems.

During regular maintenance sessions, your Alabama generator repair technician will identify any issues with the generator. The expert repair technician will then address minor issues identified during routine maintenance that could cause major damage to the generator. It will ensure that the generator consumes the fuel efficiently resulting in efficient operations.

2. Use Quality Service Parts

A critical part of proper generator operations is the use of quality service parts. The generator repair technician must use only the best quality replacement parts. It is highly recommended that you buy branded generators such as Decatur Generators and Huntsville Prime Power Generators. These generators have quality components that can withstand increased wear and tear.

Always buy a trusted generator brand. Using a generator with substandard Chinese parts will result in frequent breakdowns. The cost of the generators may be low, but the maintenance cost will be high due to low quality service parts.

3. Remove Carbon Deposits

Carbon deposits can build up over time with regular use. Accumulation of carbon restricts the flow of air that will damage the internal components of the generator.

Buildup of carbon will increase if the generator is not serviced regularly. If the carbon is not cleared, the fuel efficiency of the generator will be greatly reduced.

4. Maintain Proper Load

Running the generator on a low load may seem to save costs but it will result in costly damages. Idling or running the generator with no load is even more damaging to the engine. This can result in increased carbon formation due to improper burning of fuel. 

Overloading the generator is also not recommended as it can also damage the generator. Operating the generator with a large load will also result in a high fuel consumption.

Consider running the generator at 50 to 75 percent capacity. This will result in optimum performance of the generator. The generator will consume less fuel and undergo reduced wear and tear if operated with the right load.

5. Proper Cooling Temperature

Generator should not overheat as it can result in costly engine damage. Make sure that you use a high quality coolant.  This will result in reduced wear and tear of the engine. Your generator will operate efficiently when operating under recommended temperature range.

Combustion of the fuel will not be efficient if the right temperature is not maintained. Incomplete combustion will lead to increase fuel usage that can result in a high cost of operation. Moreover, it will also result in increased damage resulting in costly repairs.

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