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6 Reasons to Buy a Diesel Residential Generator

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People have two options available when buying a residential generator. They can either buy a gasoline or a diesel generator. Both of these types of generators have certain pros and cons to them. While most people buy a gasoline generator for their homes, a diesel generator is a better option due to several reasons.

Here are some convincing reasons why diesel residential generators are a better option as compared to gasoline generators.

1. Long Life

The foremost benefit of a diesel generator is that they tend to last for a longer time as compared to gasoline generators. Generators that run on diesel fuel undergo less wear and tear. The reason is that diesel burns at a much lower temperature as compared to gasoline.

The long life of the diesel generator makes it a much more cost-effective option compared to its alternative.

2. Improved Fuel Efficiency

Another benefit of diesel generators is that they burn with improved efficiency as compared to gasoline generators. Diesel generators use less fuel as compared to gasoline generators. You will get more run time with each fill-up with diesel generators as compared to gasoline generators.

With diesel generators, you won’t have to fill up the tank after a few hours. The generators can run for +10 hours on full load without requiring a refill. In contrast, a similar power diesel generator will run out of gas in considerably much less time.

3. Continuous Operations

Diesel generators can run continuously for longer hours. These generators can even run for 24 hours without the need to shut them off. In contrast, gasoline generators need to be shut down every 10 hours. This allows diesel generators to be used in areas that are off the public power grid.  

4. Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions

You can reduce the carbon footprint by buying a diesel residential generator. Recent research studies show that diesel engines emit reduced emissions as compared to other types of generators.

While you cannot eliminate your carbon footprint, you can reduce the emissions of harmful gases by buying a diesel generator for your home.

5. Less Noisy

Modern diesel generators are much less noisy as compared to gasoline generators. They are great for live events since guests won’t be bothered by the high noise of the generator. Moreover, your neighbors won’t be bothered much since diesel generators make significantly less noise as compared to gasoline generators.

6. Cost-Effective

Diesel residential generators do cost more as compared to gasoline generators. But the cost of ownership of diesel generators is lower since the maintenance and repair costs are less as compared to generators that run on gasoline.

Most diesel generators can last for a year longer as compared to gasoline generators. If you spread the total cost over the lifetime of the generator, you will find that a diesel generator is a much more cost-effective option as compared to a gasoline generator.


Diesel generators are a great choice for residential owners. They are more cost-effective and durable as compared to gasoline generators.

Whether you buy a diesel or gasoline generator, you must install the generator outdoors. All generators whether those run on diesel or gasoline emit toxic gases that are harmful to both animals and humans. Moreover, if you want to install the generator in a designated room to protect it from rain, you must ensure that there is a proper exhaust system that can expel harmful gases.

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