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Generator Safety Tips: How to Safely Store Generator Fuel?

storing generator fuel

A lot of generator owners don’t realize that proper storage of fuel is as much important as taking care of your generator. Not storing the fuel properly represents a safety hazard. The fuel could leak and ignite if not stored in the right container.

Here you will learn some tips to safely store your generator fuel. Following the tips mentioned in this blog post will help reduce the risk of fire.

1. Use Approved Containers

Fuel used to power generators is highly flammable. Vapors of fuel can travel a far distance. If the vapor comes into contact with an ignition source, it can ignite resulting in an explosion. That’s why you must buy containers that are approved for storing fuel.

Plastic containers are not suitable for the long-term storage of fuel. You should buy an airtight container for storing your fuel.

You should buy a specific color container for storing different types of fuel. This will help you and others know about the type of fuel in the container. For instance, you can use red containers to store gasoline, yellow containers to store diesel, and blue containers to store kerosene.

2. Always Buy New Containers

Never buy used containers. A used container may contain a crack through which the vapor might leak. Always buy new containers as this will reduce the risk of an explosion due to a leak.

When buying a new container, you should check the seals and cap. Consider purchasing a container with a UL (Underwriters Laboratory approved) seal. These containers generally are made of heavy-duty metal with air-tight caps.

3. Store Gasoline in a Separate Shed

You must never store gasoline inside the house. The container could ignite if dropped resulting in a fire. Storing the fuel outside the house is also not recommended as rainwater can contaminate the fuel. Moreover, the fuel can ignite when exposed to the sun during the day.

A better option is to store your gasoline in a shed that is separate from the house. But make sure that the place is well ventilated. The fuel can be stored longer in the container if it is stored in a cool and dry place.

4. Avoid Storing Gasoline Near Hot Objects

You must never store gasoline near hot objects. As mentioned earlier, gasoline is highly flammable that can ignite if close to a heat source. So, you must not keep the generator fuel near furnaces, heaters, or other sources of ignition.

5. Keep the Containers Upright

Fuel containers must be kept in an upright position when transporting. You can tie the containers using strong cordage or rope. But avoid using metal chains to tie the container. The chains can create a spark due to friction with the tank resulting in a tire.

You must keep the windows open if you are transporting the tank in a vehicle. Make sure that the dust cap covers the container and the valve is locked when loading the container in the truck.

6. Carefully Handle Any Spills

You should handle any spills carefully. Clean up the fuel spills as soon as possible. You can use rags to clean up small spills. If there is a large spill, you can contact a waste disposal center in your area.

Make sure that you follow local laws regarding cleaning up a spill. Never dispose of fuel in rivers, lakes, or toilets. Moreover, you should never use a lighter when standing near a generator fuel container.

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