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6 Tips for Selecting a Portable Generator for an Outdoor Trip

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Portable generators provide flexibility on using a backup power source anywhere. You can take a portable generator with you on a camping trip. It will allow you to enjoy modern conveniences during an outdoor adventure.

Here you will learn about some tips to select the right type of portable generator for your outdoor trip.

1. Generator Design

You should consider the generator size when buying a portable generator. Make sure that the portable generator can fit inside your vehicle. The portable generator should also have wheels that will make it easier for you to carry it around.

2. Generator Size

Generator size is also an important consideration when selecting a generator. You should make sure that the portable generator can power all your important appliances.

Generator size is generally measured in watts. You should know about the operational and starting wattage of your appliances to select the right size generator.

Operation watt is the power required for running the generator. In contrast, the starting watt is the wattage required for the appliance to start. As an example, fridges have a starting power requirement of about 500 watts but require 200 watts to keep running.

You must add up the running and starting wattage of all your appliances. This will allow you to buy the right size generator.

3. Fuel Type

Fuel type is also an important consideration when buying a portable generator. Generators are available in gas, diesel, and propane options.

Diesel generators can run continuously for up to 24 hours. Diesel can be stored for up to two years. But this type of generator is not recommended for wet environments as moisture contaminates diesel fuel.

A gasoline generator is recommended if you will hike outdoors during a rainy season. The generator fuel can be stored for 3 to 6 months in a container.

You must not buy a portable generator run on propane fuel. The fuel type is highly flammable and your generator can explode in the presence of a spark. However, the fuel produces lower emissions as compared to other fuel types and can be stored indefinitely.

4. Noise Levels

An important consideration when buying a portable generator is the noise level. You should buy a portable generator with noise less than 60 dB. This is important to avoid disturbing others when using the portable generator outside.

5. Generator Load

Generator load is also an important factor that you must consider when buying a portable generator. You should find out how much load the generator can handle for a specific time. For instance, a 2500 watts generator with 10 hours run time at 60 percent load will run for 10 hours continuously with a load of 1500 watts.

Determining the generator load is important to ensure that you can power your appliances for a suitable time when outdoors.

6. Generator Outlets

You must pick a portable generator with multiple outlets. This will help spread the load allowing the generator to provide stable power. A portable generator with two outlets is recommended. Using more than two outlooks will make the generator work harder which will result in accelerated wear and tear of the internal parts.

Final Remarks

Portable generator price varies. The price of the generator depends on the size and fuel type. You can expect to pay anywhere between $200 and $3500 for a portable generator.

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