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Benefits of Using a Fuel Stabilizer for Huntsville Generators

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Fuel stabilizers will protect the fuel sitting in the generator fuel tank. Adding a fuel stabilizer is important if you don’t use the generator regularly. The stabilizers available in most stores are generally made of fuel oil-based products. The material bonds at a chemical level with gasoline that prevent rusting and erosion. 

Using a fuel stabilizer will benefit your generator in more ways than one. In this blog post, you will learn about some of the benefits of adding fuel stabilizers for Huntsville generators. 

Fuel Stabilizers: How They Protect the Generator?

Fuel stabilizers help in maintaining the quality of fuel. This ensures that your generator operates properly without any wear and tear.

Maintain Fuel Quality

A fuel stabilizer is necessary particularly when the generator is not used frequently. Gasoline left in the tank for a long time burns less effectively. Moreover, old fuel can be exposed to moisture that can cause damage to the engine.

Adding a fuel stabilizer will help maintain the quality of fuel. It ensures that your engine will maintain peak operation at all times.

Less Frequent Repairs

Using low-quality fuel can downgrade the generator performance. It can cause accelerated wear and tear of the generator components. As a result, you will have to deal with frequent breakdowns that require costly repairs.

Old fuel can cause a sticky liquid to deposit inside the engine. This can result in damage to the sensitive parts of the generator. Moreover, chemical reactions can evaporate volatile components of the fuel if stored for a long time. This can result in ignition problems that require costly generator repair.

Adding fuel stabilizers will prevent the oxidation of fuel. It will help ensure that the fuel burns properly resulting in efficient generator performance.

Increased Generator Lifespan

Fuel stabilizers can extend the lifespan of the generator. It can ensure that the generator lasts for 3 to 5 years more than average.

When You Should Add a Fuel Stabilizer?

An important thing to remember is that adding a fuel stabilizer is not a magic remedy. It will not lead to improved generator engine performance. You will benefit from adding a fuel stabilizer only if the generator remains unused for a long time.

Adding a fuel stabilizer is recommended instead of draining fuel when not using the generator for extended periods. The reason is that draining the fuel can result in rusting in the pipes. Fuel stabilizers will prevent rusting of generator components.

But you must not add any type of fuel stabilizer. You should consider using a stabilizer that is particularly formulated for generators. The right type of stabilizer can prevent the generator oil from getting thick. It will keep the fuel in good condition for up to 24 months.

You will have an easier time starting the engine since there is less buildup of varnish and gum inside the generator. Moreover, it will also ensure that the generator performs efficiently.

The recommended method is to add a stabilizer before filling the generator. This will ensure that there is no degradation of gasoline. You should run the generator for up to 10 minutes to allow the stabilizer to circulate properly inside the system.

Final Remarks

Remember that fuel additives prevent a downgrade of fuel quality. The additives won’t improve the quality of fuel. So, if the fuel is already left in the tank for a long time, adding fuel additives won’t make any difference. 

Make sure you buy a generator from a reliable generator dealer. This is important to ensure that the generator lasts for a long time with minimum wear and tear.

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