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Commercial Generac Generator Maintenance in Huntsville AL

Generator Repair in Alabama

Commercial generators available in the market come in two varieties. You can either opt for a standby or commercial generator for your facility. The type of generator you select will determine the power output as well as the maintenance requirements.

This blog post contains information about Generac generator maintenance. Following the recommendations in this blog post will help ensure that the commercial generator lasts for a long time.


Monthly Maintenance Checklist

Certain maintenance tasks should be performed every month for optimal operation. This entails, checking the coolant and oil levels of the generator every month. Low coolant and oil levels can result in overheating of the engine. Keeping these fluids at the required level will prevent accelerated wear and tear of the engine parts.

You should also take a sample from the tank to check the condition of the fluid. If the color seems off, you should drain the fluids and refill them to the recommended level.

Another monthly maintenance task is to check the battery voltage. Use a voltmeter to check the voltage of the battery. The voltage of a battery gets low with use. You should replace the battery if battery power is low.

A recommended practice for all generators is to run the generator once a month. The generator should be run with no capacity for at least 30 minutes. This will ensure that your generator performs optimally during an outage without any problems.

Quarterly Maintenance Checklist

You should run the generator with full load for up to 20 minutes on a quarterly basis. It will allow the engine oil to circulate inside the engine keeping the parts lubricated.

Moreover, you should clean the filter every quarter. A filter that is clogged with excessive dirt will cause strain on the engine. You should clean the filter in soapy water to ensure optimal air circulation inside. 

Bi-Annual Maintenance Checklist

Certain generator maintenance tasks need to be carried out bi-annually. You should change all filters including the fuel filter, air filter, oil filter, and coolant filter twice a year.

Also, you should check and clean the crankcase breather of the generator. Cleaning this part will prevent premature wear and tear of the engine. It will ensure proper pressure inside the engine resulting in the smooth functioning of the engine.

Annual Maintenance Checklist

Call an experienced technician every year to check key areas of the generators. The technician will check the cooling system for any damage resulting in a leak. Also, loose connections and signs of damage such as condensation will be checked.

The technician will check and clean corroded generator connections. Cracked hoses and other worn-out parts will be replaced.

A yearly professional inspection also includes examining the air inducting piping and electrical system of the generator. The technician will inspect the fuel line as well to ensure an efficient supply of fuel to the engine. The drive belts will also be checked and replaced if required.

Cost of Commercial Generac Generator Maintenance

The cost of generator maintenance depends on the type of generator. The cost of portable generator maintenance and repairs typically ranges between $100 and $150 per month. In contrast, the maintenance cost of standby generators is higher averaging $600 each month.

The running of the generator determines the cost of maintaining the generator. You must contact Generac Superstore for repair and maintenance of commercial Generac generators. We deal with the sale, repair, and maintenance of all types of generators for industrial and residential complexes. You can contact us today by dialing (855) 880-1880 for professional generator maintenance in Alabama.


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