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Commercial Huntsville Diesel Generators Buying Guide

Generac 70 kw generator

Diesel generators are recommended for industries that require large amounts of electricity to remain operational. Generators can provide continuous power for a longer duration as compared to gasoline-powered Huntsville generators.

If you are thinking about buying a diesel generator, this blog post will help you in selecting the best one that meets your requirements.

1. Generator Type

An important thing to consider when buying a diesel generator is the phase requirements. Single-phase generators are suitable for meeting small business power requirements like lighting, heating, and cooling.

Larger industrial generators require a three-phase generator. These generators are recommended for powering equipment with heavy-duty motors.

2. Modular Capabilities

You should buy a diesel generator that meets your industrial power requirements. Find out whether the generator can be attached with other generators to create a modular mini-power plant.

Not all diesel generators have modular capabilities. So, you need to ask the sales rep about the modular capabilities of the generator. Also, you should find out how long it will take to pair the generator with others. You should select a generator that takes less than 10 minutes to pair with other generators.

3. Power Management Capabilities

You should also consider the load management capabilities of the generator. The equipment should be able to meet the load requirements. You should ask about the peak and average load capabilities of the generator.  

When buying a diesel generator, you should find out whether the power is quoted in Kilo-volt-amperes (KVA) or kilowatt (KW). Most people think that the two terms are the same. They are in fact different terms with 1KVA equal to 0.8 KW.

Most appliances are rated in KW. In case the diesel generator is rated in KVA, you will have to convert KW to KVA to know whether the generator will manage the load.

4. Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is also an important consideration when buying a diesel generator. You should find out how much fuel it consumes when operating under full, half, and minimum load.

However, you shouldn’t believe the word of the salesman. Consider reading online reviews about the generator. You can also ask the sales rep for reference companies that have installed the generator.  Contact them to verify whether the generator lives up to the manufacturer’s claim regarding fuel efficiency.

5. Generator Cooling

Diesel generators have different cooling mechanisms. Two common types of cooling mechanisms in diesel generators include air cooling and liquid cooling.

Air-cooled generators are less costly than liquid cooling. But the cooling technology is less efficient and makes a lot of noise. The alternative liquid-cooled generators are more efficient and produce less noise. Industrial companies should consider liquid-cooled generators as they offer the best value for money. While the cost of liquid cooling is more, the greater cooling efficiency makes the high cost worth it as it will lead to reduced maintenance cost and longer.

6. Additional Features

Diesel generators come with different features. Most modern diesel generators have plug-and-play a power management system (PMS). These allow rapid configuration and installation in industrial settings. The feature also allows optimal fuel efficiency as it starts and stops the generator based on power requirements.

You should also ask whether the generator has display warnings like low fuel, overvoltage, and other performance-related indicators.

7. Manufacturer Reputation

An often overlooked factor when buying a diesel generator is the manufacturer’s reputation. You should buy a generator from a trusted brand such as Generac generators.

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