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How to Select the Best Industrial Generator?

Huntsville Prime Power Generators

Industrial equipment requires a constant and reliable source of power. You will need to invest in a heavy-duty industrial generator as a backup power source.

Industrial generators are different than a residential generator. These generators are designed to operate for hours on a heavy load. Here are some tips for selecting the best Huntsville generators.

1. Power


You should consider the power requirement for the equipment. This will help you decide the ideal size of the industrial generator. Industrial generators have different capacities that range from 5kW to as much as 30 megawatts.

As a rule of thumb, you should buy a generator with a power capacity that is more than the required amount. Choosing a bigger generator is better than not having enough power for all the important industrial equipment.

2. Fuel Type


Fuel type is also an important consideration when buying an industrial generator. Gasoline-powered industrial generators are cheaper but they are not the best choice. Storing gasoline in cold environments will be difficult. Gasoline freezes during frigid temperatures and requires a special storage solution.

Diesel generators are far better than gasoline generators for industrial use. These generators are more efficient in running under heavy load. Diesel is also not susceptible to freezing making it a better choice in regions with frigid winters.

In addition, diesel generators require less maintenance between run times. The generators powered by diesel can operate for about 30,000 hours before requiring maintenance. On the other hand, diesel-powered generators require maintenance after about 10,000 hours of operation.

Another reason to buy a diesel-powered generator is that the power cost will be lower under a heavy load. Diesel generator operates with higher efficiency as compared to gasoline-powered generators. These are the best choice for industrial applications as they have a higher energy density and increased efficiency.

While diesel generators had a bad rep for producing more harmful gases, modern generators have improved fuel burning features that make them less harmful to the environment. You can use blends with lower diesel content in the latest model diesel generators that result in reduced emissions of dangerous gases.

3. Noise


Noise factor should be a consideration if the business is located near a residential area. Noise levels are measured in decibels (dB). You should consider buying a generator with a low dB rating. Generators with a noise level between 50 to 70 dB are common that produce less noise.

4. After-Sales Services


After-sales services are an important consideration that is often ignored when buying industrial generators. You need to ask the seller about the warranty and service details. It is better to buy an industrial generator from a local supplier to ensure timely parts availability and reduced maintenance service charges.

The maintenance charges will be higher if the generator supplier business is located far away. Moreover, transporting the parts will take longer resulting in costly downtimes. To ensure time after-sale service, you need to select a reliable local generator service company. This will result in prompt maintenance service in case of a fault in the generator.

5. Reliable Brand


Buying a cheap industrial generator of an unknown brand will seem like a bargain. But it will result in more cost in the long run due to costly repairs and downtimes. You need to go with branded generators such as Huntsville Prime Power Generators or Decatur generators. It is important that you select a reliable generator brand as it will result in the best value for money.

Generac Superstore sells different types of generators that are ideal for industrial and residential uses. We also specialize in after-sales services including installation and repairs of diesel and gasoline generators. Contact us at (855) 880-1880 for sale or generator maintenance in Huntsville, AL, Birmingham, AL, and Nashville, TN.


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