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Huntsville Generators: 5 Important Maintenance Tips for Newbies

Generac portable generator

Winter months in Alabama are notorious for knocking out the power. You need to make sure that your generator is in good working condition so that you remain comfortable and warm inside, even during a blackout.

Here we have listed Huntsville generator maintenance tips to ensure proper operation. Following the tips mentioned in this blog post will allow your generator to remain ready and running properly during a power outage.

1. Regular Oil Change

A lot of homeowners don’t consider changing generator oil. Not changing the oil at proper intervals leads to accelerated wear and tear of the components.

Oil is the lifeblood of a generator. Generator oil degrades and loose quality over extended usage. The oil loses the ability to lubricate the parts over time. So, you need to replace the generator oil to ensure that it continues to lubricate the generator.

New generators require an oil change for the first time after 25 hours. Afterward, you need to replace the oil after every 50 hours of use. Consider buying extra engine oil so that you don’t have to head to the stores during the frigid cold months to buy the oil.

2. Inspect the Oil Filter

Generators have an oil filter that prevents gunk and other impurities from damaging the engine. You need to change the oil filter when replacing the oil. Check the manual to find out how to replace the oil filter.

Most generators allow you to replace the filter by unscrewing the old one. Install some oil to the oil filter gasket for lubrication and then screw it back.

3. Exercise the Generator

Most people turn on a generator for a few hours each year. The generator parts can wear out quickly if it is not run regularly. Exercising the generator is important for proper operation and preventing damage to internal parts.

You must run the generator at least once a month. Consider running your generator with an empty load for about half an hour. You should also run the generator for about 20 minutes with a full load. This will allow the oil to heat up properly and maintain quality. It will also keep the engine parts lubricated which will prevent wear and tear.

4. Top-Up Battery Water

Generators with auto start features have a battery. You must make sure that the battery water is at the proper level. Low battery water degrades the life of the battery. You must also inspect the battery connection and clean them if required.

5. Keep the Generator in Ventilated Area

Make sure that your generator is kept in a well-ventilated area. The generator produces harmful fumes during operation. The fumes are colorless carbon monoxide gas that is deadly when inhaled. That’s why you should never operate your generator in indoor spaces.

You can store the generator in a garage or store. But it is important that you bring it outside and never turn on the generator inside the house.


Following the above tips will help ensure the proper operation of your generator. Make sure you secure your portable generator placed outside. Consider installing a metal cover over the generator to prevent it from being stolen. The cover will also protect the generator from weather elements including rain and snow.

You should also use the correct type of extension cord for your generator. Consider buying a 12 ga. Extension court with a power strip having a 100-joule rating. This will be enough for most residential generators in Alabama.

Contact Generac Superstore for generator maintenance in Alabama. We have an expert team of technicians for generator repair and services. You can also contact us at  (855) 880-1880 for buying new generators.


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