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Hurricane Preparedness and How Generac Generators Can Help?

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Hurricanes generally strike in areas near the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Being prepared is important if you live in an area that is prone to natural disasters.

Here you will learn some tips to prepare yourself for a hurricane. Following the tips mentioned here will reduce the losses due to the storms.

1. Keep Essential Items on Hand

You should keep items on hand that will likely be required during the hurricane. Consider having extra batteries for the flashlight. Also, you should have lamps and candles with fuel. Matches are also important that can be used to light up the lamp.

A first aid kit is also important that must be kept at hand. In addition, you should have about two weeks’ supply of water. In addition, it is important to have portable NOAA radios to get weather updates in the event of a disaster.

2. Have an Evacuation Plan

You must prepare an evacuation plan in advance. Consider where you will go and how you will prepare for the disaster. You should plan whether it will be better to use a motorcycle or a car to evacuate in the event of a disaster.

Consider evacuating to an emergency shelter home in your area. You should look up disaster and recovery services in your area. Make sure that you should practice executing the evacuation plan at least once. This will ensure that you remain prepared for any eventuality when the disaster strikes.

4. Learn Emergency Skills

Consider taking an online course on CPR and first aid. This will allow you to be ready to assist others in the event a disaster strikes.

You should know about essential first aid items and how to use them in case of injuries. In addition, you should also learn about the proper procedure for performing CPR to assist individuals during a storm.

5. Protect Your Home

Hurricanes bring winds blowing at high speed that can blow objects towards your home like a missile. The objects can do serious damage to the doors, windows, and roofs. You should retrofit your home to minimize damage due to hurricanes.

Consider cutting weak trees and branches that could fall on your home. Also, you should trim the shrubbery over your house. Consider removing rock and gravel in the landscape. These can cause the most damage to your property in the event of a hurricane. You can replace rock and gravel with shredded bark that is lighter and cause minimum harm.

Windows should be protected by installing storm shutters. You can also install plywood panels that can protect the windows during a storm.

The sliding glass should be made of tempered glass to protect against storms. It can also be covered with plywood or shutters that will protect the glass during a hurricane.

6. Buy a Generac Generator

A backup Generac generator is a must when preparing for a hurricane or any other disaster. Consider buying a portable generator that will power up essential appliances and equipment when the power is down during a hurricane. 

Never place the generator inside the house. Carbon monoxide is released which is deadly if inhaled. The generator should be placed at least ten feet away from the doors and windows of the house.

Final Remarks

You should prepare for a hurricane well before the hurricane warning is issued. Time is of the essence when preparing for a disaster. This will ensure that you prepare well to minimize the impact of the disaster.

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