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Natural Gas vs Gasoline Powered Generators: How Do They Compare?

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One of the most important considerations when buying a new generator is the type of fuel that it requires. The fuel type affects the performance of the generator. You should buy a generator with a fuel type that will meet your performance requirements.

Natural gas and gasoline are the two most popular types of Huntsville generators. Let’s go over the pros and cons of each fuel type so that you can make an informed decision when buying a generator.

Natural Gas Generators

Natural gas generators are powered by natural gas, which is a cleaner source of energy compared to other types of fossil fuels. These generators compress natural gas and air that is ignited and drives the engine.

Natural gas is compressed inside the compressor of the generator. The compressed gas is then fed into a combustion chamber where it mixes with the air. This mixture of natural gas and air is then ignited by a spark plug that drives the alternator for the production of electricity.

You can buy portable and fixed natural gas generators. Portable generators produce less energy than stationary generators, but they provide the flexibility of taking the generator with you on the road.

Gasoline Generators

Gasoline generators use gasoline to power the generator. The working of gasoline generators is similar to natural gas generators. The only difference is that the gasoline and air mixture is fed into a compression chamber as opposed to the natural gas and air.

Gasoline is the most commonly used generator due to the easy availability of fuel. These generators can be used even in remote areas with no utility connections.

Which Fuel Type is Better: Natural Gas or Gasoline?

As mentioned before, N]natural gas is a cleaner energy source than gasoline. If you are concerned about the impact on the environment, you should consider a natural gas generator.

Natural gas generators are more cost-effective as compared to gasoline generators. The operating cost of natural gas as a backup power source is nearly half compared to gasoline generators.

Another benefit of natural gas generators is that they don’t need refueling. You don’t have to check the fuel with this type of generator. The generator will operate as long as you are getting natural gas from the utility provider.

Natural gas is also less flammable than gasoline. Gasoline tanks pose a greater risk of explosion as compared to natural gas. You can install a CO detector for the detection of a natural gas leak. The same is not true for a gasoline leak as it is a liquid.

However, gasoline generators are more reliable as compared to generators run on natural gas. Natural gas generators undergo more wear and tear during combustion. As a result, the engine life of a natural gas generator is shorter.

Gasoline generators also have greater power output. The power output of a gasoline generator in BTU per unit is 30 percent more than a natural gas generator. In addition, gasoline generators are less costly as compared to generators that run on natural gas. 


Selecting the right type of generator requires careful consideration of different factors. You need to be specific about your requirements to buy the right type of generator. You must buy a generator that meets your budget and performance needs.

Always contact a reliable generator company for buying natural gas or gasoline generator. You must select a well-known generator brand. Trusted generator brands are more durable as compared to generic generator brands.

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