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Tips on Making Your Generator Quieter

Regardless of how practical and useful they are, all of us are familiar with and despise the annoying and loud buzz that comes with an operational generator. After all, the last thing you need post-power outage is to be ticked off by sensory overload.

Finding a generator that comes with a sound attenuation system is a pretty great solution. But if you can’t afford one, you can always opt for options that help you minimize or cancel the noise of your existing generator.

The following are some practical ways to make your generator quieter:

Build A Soundproof Box

While building a generator box, remember to measure the generator, add insulation, and cut ventilation holes into the container for ventilation ducts.

Ventilation ducts are essential because, without efficient airflow, the generator will overheat. You can also put the box on a raised platform to prevent the sound waves’ vibrations transmitting through the ground.

Buy A Muffler

A muffler is used to muffle the sound of a generator. If the muffler you currently have installed doesn’t cut it, you’ll have to buy a bigger one.

Placing it next to the exhaust will reduce noise significantly.

Generac Generator

Install Sound Deflectors

The purpose of sound deflectors is to redirect sound waves. Sound deflectors are most effective if your generator is placed in a shed or an outhouse.

With sound deflectors installed, the sound that reaches you is greatly minimized. As a result, it’ll also decrease the overall noise pollution in the air.

Use Rubber Feet

Putting your generator on rubber feet or a soundproofing mat will significantly reduce the vibrations that transmit through the ground—which will instantly help reduce overall noise.

If you’re looking for a quieter generator, consider opting for an inverter generator. Its sound attenuation system makes it the most feasible option among all generators for those who need something quieter.


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