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3 Critical Things to Consider when Buying Mobile Generator


Mobile generators allow you to power important appliances while on the go. You can charge your phone and also enjoy all the modern wonders of the western world.

In this blog post, we will walk you through the steps required in purchasing a mobile generator. After reading this blog post, you will be able to pick the right generator that meets your exact specifications.

1. Power Capacity

The foremost consideration in buying a mobile generator is the power capacity. You should consider the use of the mobile generator to determine the right generator.

Remember that mobile generators have less power as compared to fixed generators. They are not meant to power heavy-duty equipment such as an HVAC unit. You must add up the power requirement of all the small electrical items.

Devices such as phone chargers require only about 25 watts. You will need an extra 25 to 50 watts for LED bulbs. Portable fans will require 100 to 200 watts. If you want a small refrigerator, you should add about 200 watts to the power. So, you must buy a mobile generator with an output capacity of between 325 and 450 watts.

2. Noise Level

The noise level of the generator is another important requirement when buying a generator. The noise of a generator is measured in decibels. The industry standard for generator noise is about 70 dB(A) heard at about 23 feet.

Mobile generators that are to be used outdoors must have lower noise levels. This is important if you want to enjoy peace and quietness during a trip outdoors.

3. Buy a Generator with the Right Features

Mobile generators may have different features. You must select a generator with the following features to ensure a trouble-free operation.

Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR)

Automatic voltage regulators (AVR) can handle variable loads. The feature ensures that the output variable remains consistent under different loads as you turn equipment on and off.

An AVR is particularly important for remote work sites. It can help ensure that sensitive expensive equipment receives stable power throughout the workday. The feature provides stable power by storing excessive power in a capacitor. The provision of stable power protects the equipment from damage due to a voltage spike.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) Protection

All remote site owners are required to buy generators with GFCI protection as per the OSHA. The features ensure protection against electrocution. An external device with GFCI protection can also be used to avoid electrocution risks.

Automatic Idle Control

Automatic idle control is yet another important feature for a mobile generator. The mobile generator feature allows for more efficient engine operation. The engine runs at a lower rate at a low load which results in lower fuel use.

Automatic idle control also allows more efficient generator use at colder job sites. The generator will get warm running on idle before switching to a larger load.

Automatic CO Shut Off

Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that can be fatal. A mobile generator with an Automatic CO Shutoff feature will shut down the generator automatically when the deadly gas is detected. This will ensure the safety of the individuals reducing the risk of CO poisoning.

Automatic Start

The automatic start feature allows the generator to start automatically in case of a power outage. The feature is recommended if you plan to use the mobile generator as a backup power source.

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