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When Should You Call a Technician for Generator Repair in Huntsville

Generator service in AlabamaThere is nothing more frustrating than dealing with a generator that won’t start during a power outage. Similar to any equipment, a generator can break down and need repair, especially if it is close to its estimated lifespan.

A damaged or malfunctioning generator can disrupt your business operations and cost you money. Therefore, it is imperative to contact a repair technician as soon as you notice a problem with your generator.

In this blog, we cover when you should contact a technician for generator repair in Huntsville, AL.

1. Starts with a Delay

A generator should start with little or no delay. If your generator takes time in starting up, this indicates that there is something wrong with your backup power equipment. The problem may be with the engine or the battery. You need to contact an expert technician for generator maintenance in Huntsville, AL, to resolve the issue.

2. Oil leaks

Do you see oil at the bottom of the generator? If so, you need to call a generator repair company immediately. Oil typically leaks from an older generator. The leakage can be engine oil or gasoline. Without oil or gas, your generator engine will cease and fail to operate. Getting the generator repaired to fix the leakage issue is important. Otherwise, it will lead to damaged engine components and parts.

3. Electrical Issues

A generator consists of different electrical components. The generator wires and buttons may become worn down over time. Loose connectors and frayed wires and buttons can be dangerous. Damaged wiring represents a fire hazard and needs to be repaired immediately.

4. Excessive Consumption of Oil

Another tell-tale sign that your generator requires repair is the usage of excessive fuel. If you have noticed that your generator is consuming excessive engine oil or gasoline, it is an indication that something is wrong with the engine.

Consider getting the generator checked to ensure that there are no leaks. In case there are no leaks, the technician will repair and service the engine to address excessive oil consumption problem.

5. Unstable Power Supply

A generator should generate a steady supply of electricity. If the generator creates unsteady power or the output power fluctuates, this is a common sign of an engine problem. Unsteady power is mainly due to low power flow to the generator.

Unstable power output can be resolved by replacing the damaged generator part. Sometimes, a fault can occur due to a faulty connection to the transfer switch. You should call a technician to get your generator inspected and fixed.

6. Generator Alerts

Modern generators have a self-checkup feature that can alert you in case of any fault. The automatic checkup involves the testing of critical generator components. If the system detects a fault, it will display a warning light. You must not ignore the alert signal and get it repaired immediately.

Ignoring signs that your generator needs repair can lead to bigger problems. It can also cause a fire or explosion in some cases. So, you need to contact a professional technician to get your generator repaired at the first sign of trouble.

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